Shaker & Spoon’s Home is Canada

Today we are trying the Home is Canada cocktail from our Shaker & Spoon “Why Not Rye” box.

It is a very interesting combination of rye whiskey cold brew coffee honey, lemon juice and peach pecan preserves.

Home Is Canada for Evelyn Chick, and in her corner of the country, lively peach and citrus mix and mingle over a deep foundation of rye, cold brew, and nuttiness. She developed this recipe to evoke a wintry daytime stroll in the park, where there’s a chill in the air but the sun’s comforting rays cut right through it. And this refreshingly bright cocktail, with its robust body and eye-opening combination of flavors, is just as perfect an accompaniment for a night in at your own home.

The recipe came from Evelyn Chick of Pretty Ugly Bar .

For some behind-the-scenes tidbits from Evelyn on her work, Canadian drinking culture, and all about her cocktail, check out her interview with Shaker & Spoon.