Shaker & Spoon’s Let it Snow

Our first box came from Shaker & Spoon the box is called Rye Not Canada and has the ingredients (minus the liquor and eggs) to make 4 servings each of 3 different cocktails all using the same liquor (canadian rye in this case).

The first cocktail we tried was the Let It Snow cocktail and our first attempt at a flip. It was like an adult chocolate milk. What a perfect way to start February vacation! We can’t wait to try the next one!

Maple taffy—a traditional Canadian treat—is made by boiling maple syrup and letting it harden after pouring onto clean snow. And speaking of maple-infused delights, Joel Carleton has really Let It Snow!,but he’s concocted a creamy white base for maple that’s a lot more flavorful than any ol’ pile of the plain frozen stuff. Our very first flip features a whole egg in the shake (the main characteristic of this category of cocktails), providing a lush and frothy texture within which the rye can shine, along with an irresistible medley of maple, chocolate, and winter spices.

For some behind-the-scenes tidbits from Joel on his work, Canadian rye whisky, and all about his cocktail, check out Shaker & Spoon’s interview .