Hanging at the local brewery 

We are lucky enough to have a few breweries that have recently opened up in our area.  Not only does that mean great craft beer, locally made, but many of these places have tasting rooms where you can sit, hang out, and try a few new things.

Last night, we decided to take a ride to Black Hat Brew Works in Bridgewater.  While there are some things they always have, like the Bridgewater Blonde, I always like to try the new beers.  Last night, it was the Blueberry Kolsh and the Goatherder Stout.

I started with the Blueberry, which was great – the blueberry flavor was a little sweet and mellow.

But I always love dark beers, especially as fall approaches, and the Goatherder did not disappoint.  It was a perfect dessert drink, tasting slightly of chocolate and cream.  Delicious!