Pumpkin and bourbon

Part of our perfect fall Sunday was some shopping at Williams Sonoma.  They were the hosts of the cancelled knife skills class – which you could tell the woman working there felt pretty bad about.  I think she would have run it herself except her arm was in a sling, which would obviously have made things difficult.  She was nice enough to have pumpkin bread and these cute fall-themed cookies, so we figured we’d look around before lunch.

It was a fairly productive cruise around the store.  We got the first bit of our Christmas shopping done, and we also happened across this pumpkin mixer, which we enjoyed later that evening mixed with some bourbon.

Here’s a closer look at the mixer.

It was sweet and full of that pumpkin spice fall flavor.  Definitely a better fall drink than a pumpkin spice latte!  They also recommend pairing it with rum, which I can’t wait to try!